GCC-09-59, Male

I have aged out
I was born 10/14/1995

Name: Austin

Favorite Food: Everything, except mashed potatoes.

Animals: Lemurs. He would keep one as a pet if he could. Austin would like to be a Veterinarian when he gets older.

Favorite Subject: Television Production. He's great in front of the camera!

Music and Television: Pretty much any type of country music is great, but Toby Keith beats them all! He'll take rock-n-roll over rap any day. Austin recently saw the movie "Men Staring at Goats" and loved it. He can't get enough of The Cleveland Show.

Personality: Austin is outgoing and has a lot of friends. He is all "Boy!" Austin prefers to smile and laugh over anything else.

His Future Family: Austin wouldn't mind having siblings. He would like to have a Dad who wants to play sports with. He's hoping for a funny, caring and loving family that knows that "I am here."

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