Heart Gallery of Pinellas & Pasco

Heart Gallery of Pinellas & Pasco

The mission of the Heart Gallery is to increase the number of successful adoptions of local children in foster care. In addition to featuring children, we recruit and support families interested in adoption. The Heart Gallery was founded on the belief that every child deserves a home.

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Matched: Arianna, Alani, Jai and Jace

Matched: Arianna, Alani, Jai and Jace


Born on 5/18/2012, 5/10/2013,  3/23/2006, and 7/25/2007


If Arianna could have a super power, this self-rescuing princess would want super strength. Her favorite color is pink – so much so that her entire room is pink.    She loves pizza and cookies, the movie Frozen, and to play house. When Arianna grows up, she wants to be like Doc McStuffins.  She is dreaming of a big family in a castle, but will be happy as long as the big family includes all of her siblings.


Alani, also known as Lala, loves chicken nuggets and pizza. Singing Ring around the Rosie and watching Mickey Mouse Club makes Alani happiest. She loves dogs and the color pink.   Loving and kind, Alani needs a family that can keep up with her boundless energy and her medical care needs.


Jai wishes every week was Shark Week, but will settle for having a dog.  He also enjoys watching football games and shows on Nick and Disney.  If he had a super power, he’d want to be the best athlete.  Jai is most proud of how well he does in school and wants to go to FSU to play for the Seminoles someday. He dreams of playing professionally for the Buccaneers, Giants or the Seahawks and is training now by playing Madden Online.  Jai is looking forward to having a forever family that will keep him together with his siblings.


Creative and athletic, Jace enjoys building things, doing arts and crafts, and playing football and basketball.  He will eat just about anything, just no mayo please. He likes to read and learn about spelling in school, but is happiest when he gets to play and draw. Jace’s ideal family will be loving and take him fun places.

Photo courtesy of Basecamp Photo

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